Using Pinball-Browser to colorize your game

Pinball-Browser from Oga83 can be used to modify Stern SAM and Stern Spike system ROMs
PIN2DMD supports SmartDMD Inframe palette assignment technology. You can colorize your game by mapping the existing shades of a single color to different colors of a palette.
The basic steps to get a colorized ROM are :

  • open the ROM file of the game you want to colorize with pinball-browser
  • open the smartDMD configuration file smartdmd.txt which contains palette information.
    A template can be downloaded here smartdmd.txt
  • Add some palettes and assign colors in the smartdmd configuration
  • select smartdmd as palette in the dropdownbox
  • edit the picture with the tools and adjust the palette in the editor using CTRL klick to modify colors
  • save the ROM and smartdmd.txt file

Now you you need to convert the palettes in smartdmd.txt to a pin2dmd.pal file which is readable
by the pin2dmd device.

  • load palettes from smartdmd.txt using pin2dmd editor
  • export palettes as pin2dmd.pal

To enjoy your work you need to

  • upload/save pin2dmd.pal to pin2dmd device
  • upload ROM file to your pinball machine or replace existing ROM in pinmame
  • play the game

For more information about pinball-browser please read here

Pinball-Browser : Customize your game !