With the PIN2DMD project you get a full color LED DMD controller for real and virtual pinball machines. The project was started by Lucky1 and shortly after that joined by Steve45 as co-author. Version 1.X is free for DIY private NON COMMERCIAL use and released under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial- ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Due to copyright violations through commercial sales of our software the authors were forced to change the project to allow access to the source code for contributors only with version 2.0. Also a activation key which is bound to the hardware was introduced. Sorry for the inconvenience, but is seems that the hunt for quick money eats the brain of the hunter.

It currently supports:

  • Visual Pinball / PinMame
  • Future Pinball using DMD interceptor DLL from Macro
  • Unit3d Pinball
  • Ultra DMD support (Stephen)
  • PinballX / XDMD support (Tom Speirs)
  • Pinball fx2 support using dmdext from Freezy
  • The Pinball Arcade support using dmdext from Freezy and NoEx
  • Colorized Stern ROMs using SmartDMD inframe and serial sidechannel color switching
  • Frame colorization of all pinball machines using PIN2DMD Editor (please don´t use copyrighted content )
  • WPC real pinball input
  • Stern SAM real pinball input
  • Stern Whitestar real pinball input
  • DataEast real pinball input
  • WPC95 real pinball input
  • Gottlieb real pinball input
  • Stern Spike real pinball input
  • Capcom real pinball input
  • AlvinG real pinball input
  • Spooky pinball real pinball input
  • Data East 128×16 real pinball input
  • WCID automated USB driver installation
  • easy firmware upgrade through USB or microSD

The components cost approximately 100$.

1. The Hardware

A list of the components needed to build a pin2dmd device can be found here

2. The Firmware

Instructions how to install, update or activate the firmware can be found here

3. The onscreen menu

The menu can be activated by holding one of the two buttons (menu/option) during boot.  You can also navigate through the menu with these two buttons. You should adjust the rgb sequence of your panels that the boot splash colors look like the picture on top of this page (red left, yellow right) It also contains a input test for the real pinball input. You have to run it without a pinball machine connected. It displays which of the input pins 1,3,5,7,11 (and 13 for Nucleo and EVO boards) is connected to ground (2,4,6,8,10,12,14). Here is a picture of the pin layout.


4. The pin2dmd.exe tool

The tool is used to configure the controller und upload needed data for the pinball used. It can either run in commandline mode or in GUI mode. More details here

5. Colorization using pin2dmd editor

The latest version of the Steve´s pin2dmd editor can always be found here
Editor is used to do colorization and configuring the device. There is a dedicated page that describes the editor.

6. Colorization using pinball browser

To colorize Stern SAM and Stern Spike system ROMs it is recommended to use pinballbrowser. Pinballbrowser is written and maintained by Oga83. The basic steps are described here:
Using Pinball-Browser to colorize your game
Pinball-Browser FAQ

(C) Jörg Amann / Stefan Rinke